When in Rome..


Fashion Week Recap

I’m back! (from Rome) What a city, what an ambiance. But more about that in a later post..

Cause before Rome there was Amsterdam Fashion Week :P

Amsterdam Fashion Week is an event that can’t be missed as a blogger. Not only the inspiring shows are interesting but also the people that visit it too. I have met some lovely fellow fashion bloggers, stylists and people from various fashionable backgrounds. Expanding your network couldn’t be more fun on such days.
AND I was so happy to see myself afterwards  on the websites of Grazia and ELLE Magazine with my outfits.


Boho Kimono

morestylethanfashion.com kimonomorestylethanfashion.commorestylethanfashion.com kimono ibiza

 Floral Kimono NewLook, Top Market, Short H&M, Shoes Pull&Bear, Hat Mango, White Round Sunglasses Accessorize


‘Kimono’ a Japanese traditional garment  :  ki “wear”  &  mono “thing”

Translated into today’s fashion. Prada, Etro and Emilio Pucci already showed this on the catwalk during Fashion Weeks in 2012 and 2013.
This trend is so obvious you almost can’t miss it. Summer fashion of 2014 is definitely inspiring us with a huge range of kimono’s. Long to short, light and pale to colorful flower bombs and urban to chic. Well, because Ibiza was my destination I went for a floral boho kimono. Somehow a kimono adds that gypsy/boho feeling. It’s loose,  light, and sways lovely! Couldn’t help to show you :D



Fashion Blogger Stories: choosing a blog name

Last time I introduced you to this new item ‘Fashion Blogger Stories’. This time I want to point out the subject of choosing a name.

Do you remember how you chose your blog name? Or maybe you are still looking for one to start a fashion blog. For me this subject was kind of difficult. A blog name that fits my personality, style and also sounds good.
I was in a car with friends when this issue came up. (‘I just can’t find a suitable name, help me please!’)
My friend asked me what my purpose was and I started chatting that for me it was all more about style than following the latest fashion all the time. I guess you see it coming now.
He simply said, why don’t you call it that way? just like you’re describing it.


How to start a Fashion Blog: Finding a name


Some fashion bloggers use their own name, which can be perfect . Just not in my situation.
My name is just too long (double last name) and too Dutch to go international haha..
And a nickname did not appeal to me, I am not a pop artist ;)

So what’s in a name?
I think the personality of your blog should be in it. Take for example The Blonde Salad. A salad includes various ingredients which makes the perfect dish. She is broadly oriented and interested (fashion, travelling etc.) Great name, one you will remember easily because it sounds somehow goofy, funny and interesting at the same time.

Or Dutch blogger Jenny from the Blog. Remember Jennifer Lopez’ song ‘Jenny from the block’? I think this is a perfect pun on this song title.

A play on words, or an amusing rhyme, but also a person’s name or a hidden meaning can work well.

Questions for yourself due to a blog name:
  • How unique is it?
  • Will people remember it?
  • What perception/reaction does it give?
  • Is it pronounceable?


Extra tip!
Found your unique name? Check the hosting pages for the url as soon as possible! When you finally find a name, you don’t want to be disappointed in case the url is already taken.


X Sandra

ps. Please share your thoughts with me on this item, below in the comment form. Will be much appreciated and I will check all your blogs out, promise :D

All White Trend


Light Blue Chanel Bag La Doyenne Vintage, Top & Skirt GirlsOnFilm, White Sandals Bershka, Necklace Accessorize
Limited Edition, Round sunglasses Accessorize


“White… is not a mere absence of colour; it is a shining and affirmative thing, as fierce as red, as definite as black…”

Gilbert K. Chesterton 

Even though Mr Gilbert K. Chesterton probably had no idea of fashion he sure was right!

Associated with clean, bright and light. The opposite of black.
This season the all-white look is trending, sometimes combined with some colorful accessories or just plain and almost bridal white. I am a huge fan of this trend. The cleanliness and brightness works. It just looks so fresh! :D You can totally distinguish yourself by going all-white. This trend already started growing during fall/winter. Now summer is coming and what look is more bright than white?


The look: kind of sporty chic in a short sleeve sweater top and a complementary skirt. Round sunglasses and white sandals to finish the white look from head to toe. Since the look is all white the real eyecatcher is the light blue vintage Chanel bag (La Doyenne Vintage, Amsterdam).



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